A Blueprint to build conscious machines

AZUL-v2e-cover-imageMeca Sapiens, by Monterège, follows a top-down (waterfall) process, in Artificial Intelligence, to develop the conceptual foundations of synthetic consciousness.

In this process, a Requirements document was first produced defining consciousness in software compatible terms followed by a System Architecture outlining how to implement it.


The Creation of a Conscious MachineMTRG-COACM-3d200 describes the context motivating the quest for Artificial Intelligence and the lessons learned from past attempts to achieve A.I.

The text concludes by proposing a new understanding of consciousness as a system capability that can be stated in terms of specification objectives.

The Creation of a Conscious Machine is available on line and in print here.

System Architecture

Blueprint-cover-3d200-mtrgThe Meca Sapiens Blueprint is  a system architecture to implement synthetic consciousness.

The systems based on this architecture will be fully autonomous, self-aware and capable of intentional mutations. The architecture is ready for design and implementation.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint proposes a purely synthetic architecture. It does not mimic or attempt to replicate the structure of the human brain.

Primarily intended for software developers, its content is readily accessible to informed laymen and will be of interest to anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence or concerned about the impacts of technology on society.  All readers will gain a renewed understanding of consciousness from it.

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The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is available on line and in print here.

Blueprint to build conscious machines